Recent ZETA Chapter Alumni News

Lionel J. Bourgeois Jr. (CE '37) (updated 2/5/2010):
Brother Bouurgeois' son dropped us a note that Brother Bourgeois died in his sleep on 10/22/2009 due to complications from a stroke.

According to his obituary, Brother Bourgeois was a WW II Seabees veteran who was decorated for bravery; some of his island-invasion experience is highlighted in the Pacific Wing of the New Orleans D-Day Museum.

After graduation from Tulane in 1937, he joined Creole, the Venezulean subsidiary of SONJ (now Exxon). After WWII, he returned to SONJ and in 1947 moved back to Venezualia for 12 years. He subsequently had US-based assignments, and in 1967 he was appointed to be CEO of Esso Brazil. His first executive decision was to sell the CEO's Rolls Royce and replace it with a Ford sedan. Due to the political situation in South America, he lived under armed guard in Rio de Janeiro.

In 1977 he retired to New Orleans where he made continued contributions to various civic and professional organizations, including the Dean's Advisory Council of Freeman School of Business at Tulane.

John K. Dixon (ChE '37) (updated 8/7/2008):
Mrs. (Dorothy) Dixon wrote us that Brother Dixon died on 7/17/08. "He didn't quite make it to his 92nd birthday," she wrote.

Edward J. Welsch (CE '37) (updated 2/16/2005):
We received a note from Brother Welsch's son reporting thar Brother Welsch died on 9/11/2004 at the age of 90, and that "he was always proud to be an engineer and a member of the fraternity... and the chapter at Tulane. He always enjoyed news about the fraternity and continued until his death to take an interest in its affairs."

L. Milton Tognoni (ME '33) (updated 2/5/2005):
We haed mail returned on 2/4/05 marked deceased. We do not know when or how Brother Tognoni died.