Recent THETA Chapter Alumni News

Don K. Bannerman (ME '43) (updated 3/8/2010):
I am writing to advise that APEGBC was advised over the Christmas break that Past President Donald Bannerman, P.Eng. passed away on December 12. His service was held December 18. The obituary that was published in the Vancouver Sun can be found here

Benjamin D. Prins (ChE '93) (updated 11/24/2009):
Moving back to Calgary late December 2009.

Edmund Gin (ChE '98) (updated 7/27/2009):

After a multi-year hiatus, I finally attended the General Convention once again (this time, as an observer). Having it in Vancouver certainly helped, and having it right in the middle of where I work (UBC) also contributed to my attendance.

Thanks again, Grover, for showing us around in the two 2010 Winter Olympic venue sites that you were involved with. Thanks also to all the Theta Chapter Brothers who coordinated and hosted the event, as well as all those Brothers who came out to assist them.

I know that the Theta Chapter Brothers and Alumni who planned, co-ordinated, executed and assisted this Convention spent a lot of time trying to work it to perfection. I hope that all of you Brothers from out of town that took the time to attend Convention found it to be fun and enjoyable. I missed all of the late-night events, but of the daytime events that I was able to attend, I enjoyed them all immensely.

Congratulations to Brothers Minden, Weiss, and DeBolt on your (re-)election to the Supreme Council!


Andrew J. Happer (ME '96) (updated 7/12/2009):
I look forward to seeing brothers at the convention next week in Vancouver!

Andrew J. Montador (EE '46) (updated 7/5/2009):
Peter Montador (brother) wrote that Brother Montador died comfortably during a short stay in the hospital on 2/20/2009.

Geoff Lester (ChE '98) (updated 5/20/2009):
Still at WorleyParsons, just moved houses (down the street). Needed a bigger house, we're now up to 4 boys!

William C. Dufton (ME '54) (updated 2/3/2009):
We received a note from Brother Dufton's son, as follows:

I received a "birthday" greeting from your organization addressed to my father - William Carl "Dave" Dufton. I thought I should inform you of my father's passing in December of 1997 of lung cancer. Thank you for your kind birthday wishes - I know my father would have been pleased to receive your greetings. He was always proud of his affiliation with the fraternity and his lifelong career of mechanical engineering.

Michael K. Willesen (ME '90) (updated 1/27/2009):
I have been living in Perth Australia for the last 6 years and have been working 28d on and 28 d off rotational work in Kazakhstan. I have heard all the Borat jokes thank you very much. Any visitors to West Australia, feel free to get in touch

Herbert A.C. Stokes (ME '48) (updated 9/5/2008):
From Erling Hesla: Brother Stokes died of cancer about ten years ago. We knew each other from high school. He was best man at my wedding.

Herbert F.R. Adams (EE '50) (updated 7/18/2008):
We received an e-mail from Brother Adams's son Paul. He wrote, "I am sad to report that at approximately 11:20am on April 9, 2008, Herb passed away in Vancouver General Hospital, where he had been born, just over
85 years ago.

"A tribute, the eulogy, order of service, and some photographs in a slideshow of Herbs life are on line at"

Adam J. Ferrie (ChE '60) (updated 5/4/2008):
Mrs. Ferrie sent us a note reporting that Brother Ferrie died on 9/6/2006.

Randolph Henry Santo (METL '81) (updated 4/23/2008):
After leaving Perth in June 2003 to join BHP Billiton - Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Rhonda and I returned to Perth in March 2008. I am working in a power and automation consulting company for now, but am actively seeking a change, especially if we can move closer to our three grandsons in Dubbo, New South Wales! Rhonda has retired from Renal Dialysis and Surgical nursing to enjoy making presents for our grandsons. Any brothers passing throught the Perth area, just let me know and I'll see if we can get in contact.

Ronald Gordon MacKenzie (ChE '53) (updated 4/18/2008):
We received a note from Mrs. (Myrtle) Mackenzie that Brother Mackenzie died. No other details available.

Eugene Thomas Chong (Metals & Materials '97) (updated 6/28/2007):
I am now working at IPSCO in Red Deer as the mill's Quality Assurance Coordinator. Last year in Regina was amazing. Met a ton of great people. Work was good. Got a chance to work in Mobile, Alabama for almost 5 months.

D. Scott Groves (D. Scott) (CE '94) (updated 3/17/2007):
I have just changed jobs. I have left the City of Richmond and am moving on to a new job with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. I will be doing some project management as the Owner's Representative for the Curling Venue for the games. I am very excited to have this opportunity to be directly involved in the Olympics... after all those years of dreaming my athletic skills would someday be magically transformed. So a mediocre athlete gets a chance... I knew there was some reason I became an engineer!

Thomas G. Bird (EE '53) (updated 1/23/2007):
We received notice in January 2007 that Berother Bird is deceased. No other details available.

Gene C. Kirby (GeoE) (updated 1/10/2007):
My wife Allison and I welcomed our first child, Maya Isabelle into our lives on September 30, 2006. She's a real treasure, and has enhanced our lives a great deal. We remain in Brandon, Manitoba where I continue to invest my savings in the stock market.

Stanley J. Beaton (EE '44) (updated 9/12/2006):
Brother Beaton's wife (Thelma) wrote us a note saying he died on June 24, 2006.

Robert J. Morrison (updated 9/3/2006):
Per Brother Erling Hesla (Theta 1947) in June, 2006, "Brother Morrison was electrocuted while working at Canadian General Electric Company in Toronto, around late 1948 or early 1949 as I recall. Graduated 1948."

Robert M. Mills (MMAT '50) (updated 2/11/2006):
In February, 2006, we received notice of Brother Mills' death; no date or reason provided.