Recent RHO Chapter Alumni News

David M. Terrinoni (Chaplain, Colonel) (Zoology '81) (updated 1/10/2019):
I recently retired from the US Air Force and have moved to Normal, IL. After 31 years in service, my wife and I are adjusting to "civilian" life as best as we can. Hopefully, I'll be able to be a little more active alumni to the active Rho chapter and, maybe, visit Delta chapter again. Thanks and Peace :) Brother Terrinoni

Andrew J. Jaskierski (EE '74) (updated 7/18/2008):
Brother Bob Reynolds (Rho 76) sent us an e-mail reporting Brother Andy "Hawk" Jaskierski's death on 7/8/2008. Bob said, " Hawk suffered a heart attack Sunday night and died yesterday, Tuesday, July 8, 2008." The family wishes that donations be made to Polish Falcons of America Scholarship Fund or the charity of your choice appreciated. 708-352-6500.

David A. Nelson (ME '77) (updated 9/24/2007):
On 8/27/2007, we received an e-mailfrom Brother Bob Reynolds (Rho 76) reporting Brother Nelson's death on 8/25/2007. The obituary notice stated Brother Nelson was Senior Application Engineer for Bosch Corp. Memorial contribution can be made to The American Cancer Society.

Carl R. Wallen (EE '71) (updated 2/3/2007):
Per Brother Paul Buck (Rho 72), Brother Wallen's death was noted in the Castle Eternal many years ago. No other information available.

Theodore W. Olsen (EE '68) (updated 10/10/2006):
Upon graduation in 1968, I joined Allis-Chalmers in Milwaukee on their graduate training program. In short order, I became a permanent employee of the Switchgear Operation. Subsequently, Allis-Chalmers sold its interests in the electrical equipment products to Siemens, a German firm. Now, after 38 years, I am Manager of Technology, a position in which I provide technical consulting assistance to our medium and high voltage electrical equipment groups, in the US, Mexico, and Europe.

In 1969, I married my college sweetheart, Janice Beaumont. Today, we have four children (Scott-chemical engineer, Michael-nuclear engineer, Richard-phd in horticulture, and Jill-masters in sports administration. Scott is married, with two children. Richard (one of the twins) is also married, with a child on the way. Michael (the other twin) and Jill are single, but we have hopes!

I would appreciate any news of my long-lost brothers of Rho!

Theodore E. Neuendorf (EE '89) (updated 1/26/2005):
On December 21, 2004 I received my Professional Engineering License.

John J. Backovitch (IE '73) (updated 4/4/2004):
retiring July 1, 2004 to address above in Florida.

Dennis R. Madison (IE '79) (updated 1/2/2002):
Dennis and his wife, Joy, are missionaries in Ghana, per a note in returned mail.

William H. Gilbert (ME '73) (updated 6/3/2001):
Planning to get together with Rho Brothers in the Chicago Area. Brother Paul Buck and I want to get up there this Summer.

Dennis E. Kroll (IE '70) (updated 3/8/2001):
I was married on 11/25/00 to Carolyn Clark and moved to Eureka. I am trying to start a scholarship via the foundation and would appreciate help from faculty members in designing and evaluating the submissions

Randall E. Siemon (CE '79) (updated 12/12/2000):
Having alot of fun in Waco, Texas. Two of the three boys are taller than I am. Everybody is happy. I was glad to get the Castle the other day and read about all the wonderful news.

George J. Flanders (ME '82) (updated 9/8/2000):
Stay in touch!

Craig D. Frommelt (EE '76) (updated 12/16/1997):
I'm still with the same company i co-oped with in college. The last
few years have been a time to try my hand at different jobs.
Most of them have been in the general area of re-engineering
business process design)which has nothing to do with EE. We've made
lots of improvements and avoided having any layoffs in the process.
I did spend a few months in Marketing, but managed to escape with
only minor wounds.