Recent PI Chapter Alumni News

Randall S. King (Col (R) King) (AE,BS(78)/MS,AS(99) '78) (updated 10/21/2017): is in it's 10th year. We relocated off of 5th Ave South in Naples to 1666 Serrano Circle.
Still flying and enjoying the engineering.

Dennis A. Zemko (AE '69) (updated 8/19/2011):
Brother Pittinger reports Pi Chapter brother Dennis A. Zemko, a 1969 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate, passed away on 2/17/2010 at age 64 in Albany, Georgia. His cause of death is unknown and he was cremated. He is survived by at least one daughter, Lisa Hanley and his former wife, Judy Harding.

John C. Bradley (AMET '72) (updated 8/6/2011):
Pi Chapter Brother John Chase Bradley died on March 5, 2010 in
Eustis, Florida, 3-days after his 60th birthday. Brother Chase died
2-weeks after learning that he had advanced lung and liver
cancer. There were no services or obituary for Chase and he was
cremated at a local facility. He is survived by his half-brother
Steve Benetz in Eustis, Florida.

Steven G. Isaacs (AE,BS '73) (updated 1/14/2010):
Wife Susan, Children Richard 30, Landon 23, Cameron 21
Yes I did go to medical school, I have practiced emergency medicine now in my 29th year, first in Phoenix, and now in NC since '86.

Nathan H. Sloat (AE '63) (updated 12/10/2009):
Brother Charlie Pittinger (Pi 71) sent us Brother Sloat's obituary. It states he died on 7/19/2005 and was the owner of Nate Sloat Construction in Sarasota. memorial donations may be made to Conjestive Heart Failure Clinic, 1700 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34239.

James F. Saunders (updated 12/10/2009):
Per Brother Charlie Pittinger (Pi 71), Brother Saunders's death was noted in 1967 Embry-Riddle college yearbook.

Michael J. Abbruzze Jr. (AE '66) (updated 12/10/2009):
Brother Charlie Pittinger (Pi 71) wrote in that Brother Abbruzze passed away on August 10, 1998, from pancreatic cancer. He had a flooring business with his son in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Charlie contacted Mrs. Rose A. Peet of Rochester, New York. She was the sister of Brother Abbruzze.

She related this story to Charlie: During his time at Embry-Riddle, Brother Abbruzze had driven out into the Everglades with another fraternity member and during a road-side stop to see some girls, he was bitten on the finger by a rattlesnake. After a trip to a hospital emergency room for the snake bite, he eventually had to have the bitten finger amputated. "He absolutely hated snakes from then on for the rest of his life," she said.

Robert J. Liddiard (AE '62) (updated 12/10/2009):
Brother Liddard died on October 29, 2009, near Salt Lake City, Utah after having a heart assist pump implanted earlier in the year. Bob was a Charter Member of the Pi Chapter in Miami, Florida and was the original chapter secretary.

Charles B. Pittinger Jr. (Charlie) (AE,BS '71) (updated 8/5/2009):
I have recently completed digitizing the original Pi Chapter photograph albums and other historical documents dating from Miami, Florida in 1960 until the closing of the Chapter in 1993 at Daytona Beach, Florida. The brothers and other persons in the photographs have been identified by name, location and by date, as much as was possible, using input from many of the Pi Chapter brothers. The original Pi Chapter materials have been donated to the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University archives for permanent preservation. If any Pi Chapter brother would like an electronic copy of the materials, please contact me. Log on to the Sigma Phi Delta website for my contact information.

James M. Burchfield (AE,BS '72) (updated 3/12/2009):
Brother Charlie Pittinger (Pi 71) sent us an e-mail reporting Brother Burchfield's death on 1/24/2009. The obituary stated he apparently died from the effects of a long running battle with colon cancer. Jim was retired from Lockheed-Martin.

Jerry L. Walker (AE '81) (updated 4/15/2008):
It's coming up on thirty years since my pledge date...hard to belive.
Retired from the USAF reserves and have been with American Airlines since 1991. Just passed the 20 year anniversary with my wife, Diane, a United Airlines captain and my kids are Garrett age 15 1/2 (now driving..scary) and Kylie age 12. Garrett is thinking of engineering as a college major. Maybe going to Embry-Riddle in Daytona. Too bad Pi isn't still there... Regards, Jerry

Gary E. Richman (AE '67) (updated 1/23/2006):
On 1/23/2006, Brother Charlie Pittinger (Pi 1971) wrote that Brother Richman died on November 10, 1996. His obituary was in the Toledo (Ohio) Blade on November 16, 1996. No details or cause of death were given.

Mark E. Holmes (AE '83) (updated 9/25/2004):
Presently employed with Intel as an Engineering Technician. Now at the University of New Mexico majoring in Computer Science. Enjoying the outdoors and working with local high schools encouraging students to consider Engineering.

Harvey S. Bailey (AMET '66) (updated 3/31/2004):
I have been a Registered Financial Consultant since 1976.I do a radio show ownce a week as well as a Financial Column for a newspaper. I have two books in rewrite which is for us Matured Adults.I will share the Info when printed.
Look forward to hearing how everyone is doing from the old Frat house on Biscayne Bay.

Todd D. Burroughs (AE '93) (updated 12/29/2003):
Still looking for Clifford Duvernois. Any info regarding their whereabouts, please contact me.

Charles M. Matlock (AMET,BS '72) (updated 11/17/2002):
I live very close to Farnborough. All are welcome to stay and use the homestead as a launching point to the UK or Europe. I have PLENTY of room. Best Regards.

Mitchell B. Weingel (AE,BS/MBA '82) (updated 11/8/2002):
Hello to all the brothers of SPD, and especially those from Pi Chapter.

If any brothers are in the San Diego area, they
are welcome to give me a call.

Bruce R. Rozett (BS in Aero. Eng. '71) (updated 8/20/2002):
When my job as VP of Corporate Quality was 'downsized', I took the
opportunity to retire. Pam and I purchased a 98 acre farm in
Limington, Maine that had been in the same family for 200 years
(9 generations). We've moved the horses up there and have begun the
timber harvest to clear for the orchard and pasture. We'll be growing
apples, blueberries, and christmas trees.

Adam Cusack (AE '85) (updated 12/15/2000):
Anybody still on Long Island ?

David Trivette (ME '94) (updated 7/23/1998):
Spencer David Trivette was born 11/27/96