Recent PHI Chapter Alumni News

Jeremy Richard Knakmuhs (CEE '10) (updated 1/27/2009):
Just started working for Daktronics as a Mechanical Design Student, plan to graduate in May of 2010.

Justin J. Artz (EE '01) (updated 8/5/2008):
Holly & I will be getting married April 25, 2009.

Chad Allen Meirose (CPC Meirose) (Electrical Engineering '06) (updated 5/1/2008):
Currently serving you all as CPC of SPD.

Brian J. Top (ME '02) (updated 11/13/2007):
We were blessed by the birth of our daughter Ella Kaye Top on September 28, 2007. Her big brother Brycen (2.5 years old), Kristen and I are excited about our new addition to the family. Kristen Brycen and I moved back to SF in March of 2006 from Fairmont, MN. We built a house on the Southeast "east side" of town. Kristen is working at the Sioux Falls Surgical Center as an RN and I'm playing with tractors as a project engineer at Koyker MFG in Lennox, SD.

Michael J. Solheim (ME '04) (updated 8/13/2006):
I've taken a new position in Daktronics as the Northwest Regional Transportation Sales Manager. Its a step up from my Engineering and Project Management positions but will be an exciting change. Nancy and I have moved to Seattle and I'll work out of the local Dak office and be doing quite a bit of travel around the western part of the States. If your in the area let me know, we can take in a game or just sample the mighty fine brews they make out here. I hope to get back to SDSU for Hobo Days in Oct 2006 to try and celebrate Phi's 15 years! Hope to see you all there! Flounder

Cory L. Roach (EET '98) (updated 9/9/2005):
I've been kicked off the bachelor wagon and joing the few, the proud...the married. I am marrying Julie Fosland on Oct 22, 2005 in Minneapolis, MN. Need more details let me know

Michael W. White (BSEE '93) (updated 3/3/2005):
It has been a long time since I last had an update. I was married in '99 to a EE from Spokane. We have a daughter named Dakota that was born 1-23-04. We have moved back to Portland when the company I work for in Seattle opened a new branch office here.

Jason A. Filipek (EE '05) (updated 9/30/2004):
Electrical Engineering Student at SDSU. Graduating in May '05. Working at Daktronics

Marten H. Christensen (ME '94) (updated 2/13/2004):
My company, West Plains Engineering, is currently expanding at each of our fourlocations (Sioux Falls, SD: Rapid City, SD: Casper, WY: and Cedar Rapids, IA) and we are looking for both Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. We are a consulting engineering firm dealing with a wide range of building projects from schools to hospitals to detention facilities. If you are interested, contact me at or call me at 605-362-3753 for more information.

Trent E. Bruce (CEE '00) (updated 1/11/2003):
I am getting married April 12, 2003 in Mitchell, SD. If you will be in the area and want more info, drop me a line

Bruce J. Gillen (ME '95) (updated 7/19/2002):
Shannon and I had a baby boy 3/14/02. Colby John Gillen

Jeff E. Fondy (ME '96) (updated 6/30/1999):
Am working part time for RSA Engineering in anchorage. Call if you are coming to Alaska.

Charles J. Hauck (ME '95) (updated 5/19/1998):
If anyone knows of any jobs in Souix Falls, SD let me know!