Recent NU Chapter Alumni News

Douglas M. Campbell (BSME,MEME '60) (updated 9/4/2008):
Looking for Len Demartini and Bob Carter

Harold Tudor (EE '56) (updated 4/18/2008):
We received a note from Janet Tudor 4/08 telliong us that Brother Tudor died 2/13/2007.

James T. Lapsley (updated 2/3/2007):
In November 2006, we received an e-mail from Brothers Lapsley's son reporting Brother Lapsley's death on 9/27/2005. No other details available.

John R. Whinnery (EE) (updated 9/3/2006):
Can anybody verify whether Professor Whinnery was ever initiated as a member?? Brother David Woolf (Nu 1961) wrote in June, 2006: In your Lost Brothers list in the latest Star, you list John R. Whinnery for Nu chapter, with an unknown class year. When I was an active member of Nu, around 1959 through 1961, John Whinnery was Dean of the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley, as well as being a professor of electrical engineering. He is also the author, with Simon Ramo, of the very popular text (at least popular at that time, and maybe still) "Fields and Waves in Modern Radio." (I'm not sure of the "in Modern Radio" part, but I think that was it.) One of our chapter activities--I think it was in 1960--was to have a dinner dance. We invited Dean Whinnery and his wife as guests, and they attended. At no time while I was active was any mention ever made that Dean Whinnery was a member of Nu. I was either chapter president (or steward, my memory of that time vis--vis exact dates that far back is very hazy by now) and personally invited him, and it surely would have come up during our conversation. Therefore, I question if he was ever a member. Perhaps he was made an honorary member after I graduated. Anyway, you might want to check into this further, and if he wasn't, then removing his name from the Lost Brothers list will shorten the list by one.

David G. Reesor (EE '62) (updated 1/13/2005):
We received a notice that Brother Reesor died suddenly in late 2004.

William H. Wilson (CE/BS '58) (updated 3/22/2004):
This is my retirement address although I still help my old friends with their work...doing water and sewer design/reports, etc.

Robert J. Carter (IE,BS '58) (updated 6/17/1996):
35 years in life insurance, estate planning, business continuation
planning. Married to Judy 2 1/2 years ago. Sons, Don and Mike,
grown and doing well.