Recent KAPPA Chapter Alumni News

Jason W. Renner (CE '99) (updated 2/26/2017):
Started new job at 325th Civil Engineer Squadron in February 2017 as Design/Construction Project Manager for Tyndall Air Force Base, FL located near Panama City, FL. Previous job assignment was with Air Force Civil Engineer Center (Formerly known as AFCESA) also located at Tyndall Air Force Base, FL since 2010.

Lawrence E. Bihlman III (EE '83) (updated 8/22/2015):
Brother Bihlman's Obituary can be found here:

Brandon Jay Ward (BSME '04) (updated 4/6/2010):
I transferred to Firestone Industrial Products on April 1. I am now working as a product engineer designing bladders for tire building machines. It is a new and exciting challenge.

Jack L. Mills (CE '52) (updated 3/18/2010):
Per his son Jack, Brother Mills died in September 2008 of a heart attack.

Paul G. Haben (CE '60) (updated 2/20/2010):
Paul G. Haben, Jr, 76 of Dallas died Jan 1, 2010. Paul was born Dec 31, 1933 to Paul George Haben, Sr. and Jeanette Hutchinson Haben in Butler, Pennsylvania. Educated at St Peters and Butler High School, he proudly served his country in the US Navy from 1951-1955. Paul married Jeanne R. Patterson, May 31, 1957. He earned a BS degree in Civil Engineering at Tri State University in 1960. The family, who then included Greg, moved to Cleveland, Ohio, eventually coming to Dallas in 1963. Paul found his niche at Jesuit where he taught and coached for many years. He was a member of Sigma Phi Delta, former member of Brookhaven CC, and Great Southwest GC. He was a 2006 inductee to the Jesuit Alumni Sports Hall of Fame, an honor he greatly appreciated. He was a strong, but gentle man who loved his family and golf. Paul is survived by his wife, Jeanne, son & wife, Greg & Lea, 3 step-grandchildren, his sister, Inez Connelly, and 4 nieces and nephews. Viewing & Vigil will be held at Restland, 6:00 - 7:30 PM Wednesday, January 6, 2010 and funeral Mass will be held at 10 AM, Friday, January 8, 2010 at St. Rita Catholic Church, 12521 Inwood Road, Dallas, Texas Memorials may be made to the Texas Speech-Language Hearing Foundation, c/o Judy Kyker, 6300 Regional Plaza, #850, Abilene, TX, 79606, or to charity of your choice.
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Rodney H. Ludwig (CE '50) (updated 1/26/2010):
Brother Scott Jackson (Kappa 10) wrote us an e-mail reporting that Brother Ludwig died on April 2, 2009. Scott wrote, "We received a card from his wife after we had sent out the mailings for End Of Term."

Frank D. Moore (BSME '61) (updated 12/27/2009):
I retired from Saint-Gobain Norpro April 1 2001 after 38 years with the company. Retirement is great. Jeanie, my wife of 45+ years and I have two girls with 3 grandchildren. I have had contact reciently from some Brothren after over 40 years. Really good to hear from them. I live in Tallmadge, OH (Akron area). I have a couple of hobbies, Street Rod building and cruising and Masonic Lodge. They keep me buisy. Any contacts are welcome.
Frank Moore

Chris G. Bentz (CE '58) (updated 12/10/2009):
In e-mail strings reporting the death of Brother Bentz, both Broters Bill Warner (Kappa 61) and Ed Ludwig (Kappa 59) both expressed fond memories with Brother Bentz and his spouse Kari.

Leslie I.C. Morse (ME '51) (updated 12/10/2009):
We received an e-mail reporting Brother Morse's death; no other information available.

William Warner Jr. (ME '61) (updated 10/5/2009):
5 Oct 2009. Soni and I attended the 2009 Trine homecoming. Brother Hileman outlined the exciting plans for the Kappa Castle. Sigma Phi Delta, with the help of all of us, can long endure. We continue to be very impressed with the campus and our upcoming brothers. Brothers (and sweethearts) from my day, Simmerman (Ann), Grams (Lavonne), Hosey (Carolyn) stopped by the Castle. Sat with Brother and Rose Ray at the Kappa dinner. Met many from the 80's (and on) and all of us had a great time. Each reminded me of the enduring quality of our brothers. Soni and I will attend the '10 homecoming. It is with great joy that we were there at that time and place. Fraternally. Bill W. (ME61)

David W. Sanders (ME,BS '78) (updated 9/21/2009):
Still at Parker Hannifin (31 years) in Albion, IN, with 3 other Tri-State engineers, 3 of us are Phi-Delts. Better yet, still married to Peg (32 years). Four kids (2 still in college), 2 grandkids.

Alixandre R. Minden PE, PMP (Electrical Engineering '01) (updated 8/27/2009):
I just found out that Kristin is pregnant. She is due on March 24, 2010. I am getting ready for the next school year and the GVP's wedding in November. Anyway, my bar is still a work in progress, but serves its purpose.

I am still actively trying to expand the Fraternity and trying to establish the Sigma Phi Delta DFW Alumni Chapter. There are enough of us here. We might as well. Drop me a line if you are interested.

If you are in the area, give me a call if ya wanna grab a drink or need a place to crash. SPDTID!!!

Louis U. Summers Jr. (EE '49) (updated 6/24/2009):
Mrs. (Gwen) Summers O'Dell droped us a note that Brother O'Dell died on 8/3/1983. No other information provided.

Thomas B. Boklund (CE '62) (updated 5/19/2009):
Mrs. (Mary Lee) Boklund dropped a note that Brother Boklund died on 12/28/2008. No other details provided.

Roy W. Mitchhart (ME '53) (updated 1/23/2009):
Mrs. Mitchell dropped us a note telling us of Brother Mitchhart's death on May 1, 2002. She did not supply any other details.

Russell B. Dewitt (AdmE '49) (updated 1/21/2009):
We received a note from Mrs. (Jean) Dewitt of Brother Dewitt's death from a heart attack on February 18, 2008. He was 84 years old. As Vice-President of Nuclear Operations, Consumer Energy, he had five sons follow him into engineering.

James M. Hubbell (EE '52) (updated 9/12/2008):
Brother Art Davis Kappa '52 dropped us a note telling us of Brother Hubbell's death, as reported in Tri-State's Discover magazine

Lloyd E. Hartley Jr. (EE '51) (updated 9/12/2008):
Carol Mutter, Brother George Hartley's daughter, called to report Brother Lloyd Hartley died several years ago.

Brother Art Davis Kappa '52 also sent along a note regarding Brother Hartley's death as reported in the Tri-State "Connections" magazine.

George W. Hartley (ME '49) (updated 9/12/2008):
Brother Hartley's daughter Ellen Mutter called to report that Brother Hartley died on 12/11/2007. She said Brother Hartley often talked about how happy he was with his Tri-State education and to be a member of Sigma Phi Delta.

Brother Art Davis Kappa '52 also dripped us a note regarding Brother Hartley's death, as reported in Tri-State's "Discover" magazine

Richard R. Beitle (CE '82) (updated 9/12/2008):
Brother Beitle's parants dropped us a note reporting he had died 8/27/2008, after a long battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)>