Recent ETA Chapter Alumni News

T. E. Vanderheiden (T. E.) (ME '60) (updated 10/16/2012):
Brother Vanderheiden's widow Carol notified us of his passing into the Castle Eternal. She writes, "Thank you for the note. I am sad to inform you that my husband Tom Vanderheiden (1960 grad) who was a Sigma Phi and very proud of it, passed away July 13, 2012. I have been receiving notes from the fraternity and Marquette University and decided I would respond to notify the powers to be of his passing."

Richard A. Mallinger (ME '38) (updated 6/3/2010):
Son Donald dropped us a note reporting Brother Mallinger's death on 5/18/2008. Brother Mallinger died of pneumonia, two days after falling ill.

Michael S. Mongoven (EE '60) (updated 4/14/2010):
Brother Mongoven's obituary is available in the Dallas Morning News on September 15, 2009.

James G. Shaw (CE '63) (updated 12/28/2009):
Together with his 2009 donation, Brother Shaw dropped us a note thanking all the National Oficers for their continued volunteer efforts and good work to keep Sigma Phi Delta a viable organization.

Bernard M. Levernier (CE '49) (updated 12/28/2009):
Together with his 2009 donation, Brother Levernier sent us a note wishing all a Mery Christmas and a 2010 filled with much success and good health.

Having turned over his construction business to his two engineer sons 13 years ago, Bernie reports he and his spouse are enjoying retirement to its fullest.

Robert William Walton (Computer Engineering '00) (updated 11/27/2009):
Well, after becoming un-engaged, loosing my job, and having to temporarily move in with my parents, I have good news to report: I have found a wonderful software engineering job at BigMachines in Deerfield, IL, and I would like to invite anybody interested in software engineering, software sales & marketing or any other role encompassed by Software As A Service (SaaS) or software in the "cloud" to contact me - we have offfices in Deerfield, IL, San Mateo, CA, Germany, the U.K. and India, but we are still a small and extremely rapidly succeeding and growing company. Let me know if you are interested. We are always hiring, and the bottle neck is that we only hire the best - partially based on a I.Q., skills and personality testing which only 7% of applicants pass, but I know how intelligent my Brothers are, so I am not worried about that.

My online contact information on the Castle is current, so look me up and give me a call or shoot me an email - we can hang out or something.

Rob Walton
ETA Fall 1996

Eric Robert Alan Nilsen (CRLS '06) (updated 11/6/2009):
I am currently deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom. I will be returning to the states in late 2010. I am deployed as Executive Officer of 249th Quartermaster Company out of Fort Bragg, NC. We are assigned to Army Material Command (AMC)'s 2nd Battalion 402nd AFSB. This is part of the Responsible Drawdown of Iraq. We are based at Joint Base Balad.

Anyone who has worked for Oshkosh, Steven and Stevenson, or any other military contractor: we are responsible for determining the repair or reset needs of your equipment prior to returning it to the active duty force. We will be sending stuff to depot level maintenance, back to the manufacturer, straight to Afghanistan or back to the active duty system.

I can still be reached on my email addresses or at (only valid while I am deployed)


Eric "Wolverine" Nilsen

William G. Schutz (ME '55) (updated 7/5/2009):
Mrs. (Jeannette) Shutz sent us Brother Schutz's obituary, indicating that he died on 1/1/2008 at home of Alzheimer's. He retired in 1993 after 29 years with William Wrigley Co., as Director of Corporate Technical Liaison worldwide. He was commisioned in the US Navy Civil Engineer Corps.

Robert Huwiler (ME '44) (updated 7/5/2009):
Daughter Elizabeth dropped us a note telling us of Brother Huwiler's death on 2/11/2008. "He died from consequences of a fall while he was walking close to his home," she wrote.

Robert Joseph Augspurger (COEN '06) (updated 6/4/2009):
I just bought a Condo in Oak Park.

Paul C. Westrup (Computer Engineering '03) (updated 5/2/2009):
Jenny and I are expecting our first child this December. Looks like we'll be having a tator tot for christmas

John W. Horne (CE '52) (updated 3/5/2009):
Mrs. Horne dropped us a note reporting Brother Horne's death of cancer on 1/2/2009. "He lived at the Sigma Phi Delta house when he was in school. It was a happy time for him," she wrote. He was a past officer at G.A.S. Engineering. Sympathy expressions can be entered at

Adam Scott McCarter (EE '05) (updated 2/4/2009):
Hello brothers!

I'm nearing my first anniversary with my new employer, Excalibur Technology, and still doing web development. It's a good job, and I enjoy it a great deal.

My first son, Riley, was born to Heather and I on June 28, 2008, and he is a ton of fun. Every day is something new.

Lastly, I've recently reconnected with Eta chapter, and helped the actives get the Eta website back online, with a stable host. I also donated my time to building them a new website, and will continue to help them improve it and keep it updated. I'm going to try to keep myself involved in chapter happenings, time-permitting...

Philip E. Cunningham (CE '39) (updated 1/21/2009):
We received a note from Mrs. (Kay) Cunningham of Brother Cunningham's death on 8/21/2008. Memorials are suggested to Devine Savior Holy Angels High School or Christ King Church, Milwaukee.

Thomas H. Gerblick (EE '51) (updated 1/20/2009):
We received a note from son Tom that Brother Gerblick dies of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) in October 2006

Norman W. McDermid (CE '54) (updated 1/20/2009):
We received a note from Mrs. (Marylin) McDermid of Brother McDermid's death on 7/21/2008 at home of lung cancer. A guestbook is at

Ryan M. Campbell (CRIM/BS, MPM/MBA '95) (updated 10/23/2008):
Greetings Brothers!
My former company was purchased by Honeywell last December & I am currently remaining in Charlotte as a commodity manager for the newly reorganized Honeywell Scanning & Mobility group.
Best wishes to all of my brothers out there around the world...
Patience & Fraternity,
Ryan 'Norm' Campbell

John W. Cotey (ChE '45) (updated 10/22/2008):
The Post Office returned mail to Brother Cotey marked "deceased." No other information available.

Lewis A. Riley (ChE '47) (updated 10/21/2008):
Mrs. (Janice) Riley dropped us a note reporting Brother Riley's death. "He always enjoyed reading the Castle," she said.

Leo F. Rehm (CE '38) (updated 7/18/2008):
Brother Rehm's daughter wrote us to say Brother Rhem died in 1999.