Recent DELTA Chapter Alumni News

Hiroslaw Noyszewski (Eng '56) (updated 8/20/2019):
The family of Miroslaw "Stan" Noyszewski announced his passing on June 23rd, 2019. Born in Wilno, Poland in 1936, he came to the united states in 1949, and earned his degree from the University of Illinois in 1956 and then his Masters degree from the Illinois Institute Technology in 1966. He spent his entire professional career of 43 years at the Illinois Central Railroad in the Engineering Department.

William J. Reinert (ME '57) (updated 9/6/2016):
Brother Reinert's wife notified us that Bill passed away on Saturday, August 27, 2016. He was National past president and graduated from U of I in 1957.

Jeffrey H. Masters (BS Acctng. '87) (updated 6/9/2012):
Started with Gulf Chemical in February 2012 as Controller. Moved to Texas and got Engaged... Susan and the dogs are with me...

Aaron N. Phelps (ME, CS '02) (updated 8/9/2011):
Executive Secretary Santarinala reports that Brother Phelps died in November 2010 after a short battle with lymphoma. Brothers Ian Santarinala, Dean Santarinala, and Eric Westfall were able to call upon him at the hospital before he entered the Castle Eternal. His funeral was attended by Brothers Westfall, Brian Stolze, and Dan Vehe.

Dan A. Duwell (ME '59) (updated 7/20/2010):
Received word that Brother Duwell passed away in May 2010.

Harry R. Garing (CE '29) (updated 4/14/2010):
We receioved a note in March 2009 that Brother Garing died of clon cancer on October 15, 1983. He was 77.

C. Richard Schwerdtfeger (Dr. Schwerdtfeger) (Physics - Materials Science '86) (updated 1/5/2010):
I am the co-founder and VP/CTO of a company making automated sapphire crystal growth furnaces used in the LED industry. Both boys are in college and my wife runs the BnB we live in ( Come visit us, or drop me a line!

Tony W. Wilson (Math Educ. '85) (updated 12/31/2009):
I accepted a gov't civilian position working for U.S. Africa Command, a DoD organization in Stuttgart, Germany. Ritsuko and I flew to Germany from Washington DC on Dec 22. We are looking for an apartment, trying to learn some German, and learning to get around in addition to "moving" into my job.

Thomas M. Durkin (Accy,BS '75) (updated 9/30/2009):
Along with his annual donation, brother Durkin reported that he has been nominated by Sen. Dick Durban (D, IL) to the Whiote House for the position of United States District Court Judge for the Northern District in Chicago.

Jimmy A. Jones Jr. (EE '99) (updated 8/24/2009):
I just got back to the US of A in May 2008 after 3 glorious years living in Deutschland, and another 3 hung-over years living in Korea (the southern kind). I'm currently going through the United States Air Forces' Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB in CA. After only two months of coursework, I realized that I was glad to have gotten some EE degrees, because you Aero-peeps guess at everything! Not sure what I'll do next summer upon graduation, but it will more than likely involve making the Viper (F-16) a better killin' machine. I read that Arnold Nowinski lives in LA, which is 2 hours south. After I deem that he is working at a legitimate space firm and not playing cover for "The Thunder From Down Under" at the local LA clubs...I'll give him a call and go rage in LA!

Richard L. Mange (AE '86) (updated 6/13/2009):
Amy and I have moved across town, and Shari is attending the University of Texas - Austin in the fall to study Architecture. We have plenty of space and a brand new swimming pool, so call us if you're headed into DFW.

Thomas E. Kusnierz (CS '82) (updated 6/13/2009):
I'm alive and well, and living in Dallas, Texas. Happily married to Terry (Carmona) Kusnierz. We have two daughters, Lauren (21, who is a senior at the University of Texas and Nicole (17), who is a freshman at Texas A&M. I work for IBM as the Director of Business Partner programs.

Mark S. Fier (CS '85) (updated 5/12/2009):
Married to Laurie Augustyn-Fier for 21 wonderful years. 3 great kids. Currently looking for a job in Business Intelligence as Director/PM/Solution Architect.

Ralph H. Geeseman (EE '68) (updated 4/3/2009):
We received this announcement from Delta brother Rich Bohn, (BSEE '74):
We just lost a good friend and Fraternity Brother, Ralph Geeseman. Ralph was a 1968 Graduate in EE and a proud Delta SPD member. I am taking the initiative tonight to send this message to Ralph’s “younger” friends because you probably all knew him. You see, Ralph also worked for U of I. He was a research engineer in Physical Fitness Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois. So, he was on campus more than most of the older alumni. That was probably a mixed blessing for him, because that is where he met his lovely wife (and my favorite oboe player!) Laurie Koch. They had a great life together and produced two lovely children.

Steve & Patty Denny have been dealing with this approaching bad news for a while now. After discussing things with a bunch of friends, they felt an appropriate lasting tribute to Ralph might be a paver at the new UIAA Alumni Center (see: ) If you would like to make a contribution to a paver in Ralph’s memory, please let Patty Denny ( know what you would like to contribute. Let your conscience be the guide.

An obituary has been posted here:

Brian J. Cleereman (MatlE '01) (updated 3/31/2009):
3/31/2009, Still with Intel, living in Boise doing NAND Flash joint technology development with Micron for the last two years and counting. It's interesting work, and a great place to live, no complaints here. Katie and I are now proud parents, Ruby Jo Cleereman was born 5/2/2008, already pushing 1 year old, time flies when you're having fun. Also, this year is my 8th with Intel and I have an eight week sabbatical due that I'm taking this summer. Very cool... although with the 1yr old, our most exciting plans so far are a trip to Iowa to see family, and some camping out west.

Michael W. Louden (ME '93) (updated 3/19/2009):
Mike and Tracy Louden live in Mason, Ohio with our 3 girls, Elaine, 11, Tess, 8, and Aleia, 6. Stop by and visit the next time you pass through the Cincinnati area.

Duane P. Mealey (EE '61) (updated 2/3/2009):
Brother Dick Turner (Epsilon 53) reported that Duane died in his sleep on December 21, 2008.

William J. Broersma (EE '82) (updated 1/27/2009):
Denise and I are enjoying life in the desert (Tucson, AZ). Our three daughters are out of the house, the two youngest still in college. I am still with IBM - Global Services. I manage a department that develops automation for Identity and Access Management. Denise is now a Chiropractor and runs her own practice in town. Our girls all inherited their mother's accidemic prowess, and are each excelling in their collegiate pursuits.

Joseph Vivoli (Computer Science '08) (updated 1/26/2009):
After graduating from the University of Illinois, I've moved 2000 miles to Silicon Valley to begin my career. I'd like to meet some alumni that live in Northern California.

Richard C. Young (ME '99) (updated 9/4/2008):
It's an exciting/terrifying time to be in the domestic auto industry. I am on the team charged with bringing the first application of our new "EcoBoost" technology to market, which puts power and fuel efficiency in one delicious package.