Beta-Kappa of Sigma Phi Delta
Chapter Chief Engineer:
  Brenden Huegel (Chemical engineering '21)
Chapter Vice-Chief Engineer:
  William Anthony Peracchio (Computer Science & Business '21), 732-713-9493h
Chapter Secretary:
  Benjamin David Schwartz (Chemical Engineering '21), 917-658-3735h
Chapter Pledgemaster:
  Joshua Andrew Gordon (Civil Engineering '21)
Associate Circulation Manager:
  Office Vacant
Chapter Councilor:
  Bradley Thomas Stevenson (Computer Science '19), 978-443-3070h, 978-460-0491m
Alumnus Advisor:
  Edward Channing Raymond (Chemical Engineering '19), 508-308-5447m
Faculty Advisor:
  Office Vacant
Undergraduates: 49
Pledges: 7
Alumni: 52
  International officers: 5
  Faculty members: 0
  Honorary members: 0
  Lost brothers: 3
  Castle Eternal: 0
Chapter Officers
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Pledges and Initiates