Beta-Gamma of Sigma Phi Delta
Chapter Chief Engineer:
  Ryan Alden Harrelson (Chemical '19), 361-949-9801h, 361-779-5648m
Chapter Vice-Chief Engineer:
  Anthony Puente (Electrical engineering '21), 281-753-1047m
Chapter Secretary:
  Mauricio Hernandez (Civil engineering '22), 713-427-1259m
Chapter Pledgemaster:
  Sean P Myers (Mechanical Engineering '20), 832-451-0332h, 832-451-0332m
Associate Circulation Manager:
  Office Vacant
Chapter Councilor:
  Office Vacant
Alumnus Advisor:
  Jesus Manuel Galindo (JR Galindo) (Civll '20), 817-880-1606m
Faculty Advisor:
  Office Vacant
Undergraduates: 14
Pledges: 1
Alumni: 98
  International officers: 1
  Faculty members: 1
  Honorary members: 0
  Lost brothers: 9
  Castle Eternal: 0
Chapter Officers
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